About us

Kazakh-Russian International University is the first international non-state university of the western region of Kazakhstan. On February 23, 2021, the university turned 27 years old. The university was created under the leadership of Temerkhan Baibosinovich Berdimuratov, one of the experienced teachers in the region, a successful leader in education, with an extraordinary talent as a teacher, thinker, scientist, innovator, enlightener and deep creator of modernity. The permanent leader of the university laid the foundation for a modern university education focused on personal development.  The university grew and developed in the context of the socio-political and economic development of its country. At first it was created as the Aktyubinsk branch of the International Institute of Business and Law (1994-1996), then the Aktyubinsk branch of the International University in Moscow (1996-1998), the Aktyubinsk Institute of Management, Business and Law “NUR” (1998-2000), providing a huge opportunity for young people of the Aktobe region in obtaining economic and legal education. In the early 1990s, the training of qualified specialists in economics, business and law was possible only in large metropolitan universities, not to mention the creation of a higher educational institution of such a profile. The opening of the Aktobe Institute of Management, Business and Law “NUR” in the regional center was not only a major event in the region, but also a reflection of the history of the economic development of the Aktobe region.

 In the history of KRIU a significant event took place that determined the future fate and face of the university: fruitful international connections, joint educational projects with well-known European and Russian scientists and universities were the beginning of a new path. The Institute (then Aktobe Institute of Management, Business and Law “NUR”) for the first time in the region received a new name that includes the international component - the Kazakh-Russian International University - at the suggestion of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, expressed by him during the opening ceremony of the main academic building on August 21, 1998. This proposal of the Head of State was adopted in accordance with the Declaration on Eternal Friendship and Cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia, oriented in the twentieth century. As noted by the honorary professors and partners of the university, the university was given a great honor - the confidence of the Head of State, who determined the status of the university and its future path of development.

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