Quality Policy of KRIU

The Kazakh-Russian International University is a higher education institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan implementing programs of higher vocational education in accordance with the requirements of the SES MES RK, the State Program for the Development of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan aimed at forming a competent, highly professional personality based on national and universal human values.

Vision of the University

Entrepreneurial campus that trains internationally recognized specialists in the system of lyceum, college, undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, center of innovation, education and science of Western Kazakhstan, corresponding to the intentions and environment of the university.

University Mission

It takes an active part in the modernization of the country on the basis of the training of internationally recognized specialists who own innovative methods for solving problems.

Our commitments:

  • It is implementation of the continuous improvement of the quality management system of the university in accordance with the requirements of ST RK ISO 9001-2016 (ISO 9001: 2015).
  • It is satisfaction of the existing and expected needs of the economy and society in competitive specialists.
  • it is creating an innovative environment based on a project-based approach to learning, using modern educational technologies and concepts.
  • It is effective management of multiple, interrelated university processes that meet applicable requirements to improve performance and effectiveness.
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