List of projects


Project Manager Project name
Humanitarian direction
1 Abaeva G.B. Candidate Ped. Science "Image of the modern teacher"
2 Baidildinova M.V. Associate Professor, Department of Humanities “Translation: Today and Tomorrow”
3 Utaliev S.A. Candidate of Historical Sciences “Some aspects of the history of the Kazakhs Junior zhuz”
4 Karabalina A.A. Candidate of Psychology “Helpline”
Economic direction
5 Nurmaganbetova M.S. Master of Economics “Development of a model of investment attractiveness of the enterprise, analysis and evaluation of investment projects”
6 Moldabekova G.B. Master of Economics “Practical accounting in industries using information technology”
7 Duisenbaeva B.B. Master of Economics "The economy in the people”
8 Esbergen R. Master of Economics "Intelligence map is an effective tool for planning and implementing business ideas”
Technical direction
9 Grishaeva O.V. Candidate of Biological Science “Aquaculture production of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) and giant freshwater shrimp (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) in closed water installations”
10 Myrzakhmet M.K. Candidate of Physics and Mathematics (Assistant Idrisova A.R.) "Small triple helix"
11 Seytenov D.S. Master of Science “Automated control system of power gas turbine installation”
12 Shlapak E.U. master of arts. sciences' "Development of design project for reconstruction of the Park named after A. S. Pushkin in the city of Aktobe”
Legal direction
13 Kairova N.I. Candidate of Juridical Science “Criminological forecasting of crime in Aktobe region”
14 Boreychuk A.Yu. Master of Law "Fundamentals of anti-corruption culture of modern society"
15 Tuzelbaev E.O. Doctor of Law (Assistant Amangeldyzyz A.) “Preventive measures applied by the internal affairs bodies in cooperation with public organizations and associations for the prevention and prevention of drug addiction and drug business”
16 Iskakova G.K. Doctor of Law (Assistant Acieva E.A.) "Mechanisms of human rights protection in Kazakhstan: theory and mechanisms of protection”
17 Boreychuk A.Yu. Master of Law "Law in the era of digitalization (Legaltech)”

Berdimuratov Temerhan Baybosynovich

Founder of Kazakh-Russian International University, Professor, Doctor of Psychology

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