Research and Development   (R&D) of KRIU is aimed at the progresss of scientific, educational and innovation activities, along with improvement of the idea of ​​“integration of education, science, production”.

R&D of the University is aimed at forming a new generation university combining educational, scientific and innovative activities with their practical implementation in different directions of development of the western region of Kazakhstan.

Kazakh-Russian International University has successfully passed the accreditation of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating:

  • in 2015 - institutional accreditation and specialized accreditation of 8 educational programs;
  • in 2016 - accreditation of 9 educational programs.

R & D is implemented in the following areas:

- research (carrying out fundamental, prospecting, applied research, research and development work);

- scientific and innovative (implementation of innovative ideas and projects aimed at ensuring the modernization and technological development of the University and solving problems in priority areas of national policy);

- scientific and methodological (formation and development of its own scientific schools, as well as the involvement of research and teaching staff and students in research and development; development and implementation of its own technologies and methodology of scientific research; research and development of the theoretical and methodological foundations for higher and postgraduate education) ;

- scientific and educational (organization and conduct of the educational process using modern educational, innovative and information technologies; the formation and development of its own scientific schools, active involvement of faculty and students in research work, development of critical thinking of students and undergraduates);

- research and production (business development, expansion of the activities of small innovative enterprises of the University, implementation of research results into practical activities; creation of joint research centers with leading universities, research institutes and enterprises, etc.).

Strategic objectives of research:

  1. Improving infrastructure conducive to the effectiveness of research
  2. Monitoring the needs of the business sector and real enterprises of the Western region in scientific research in accordance with national policies
  3. Development of scientific schools at the university and integration into the world scientific community
  4. Development of a system for attracting students to research and innovation activities.
  5. The continuation of the opening of the university dissertation councils on research areas
  6. The increase in funding for research
  7. Development of international research mobility of teachers and researchers in priority areas of the university
  8. Importing Innovative Ideas and Scientific Developments
  9. Enhancing the participation of teaching staff with the involvement of students to research in cooperation with foreign partners
  10. Activation of activities for the participation of faculty members in international grant research competitions.
  11. Promotion of publications of faculty in internationally recognized publications, indexed by foreign organizations
  12. Development of the practice of regular internships of all groups of teachers and researchers at the leading enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad
  13. Formation of the system of continuous professional development of all categories of employees in the use of modern information technologies
  14. Attracting leading foreign scientists to conduct specialized advanced training courses in the context of implementing the transfer of new knowledge and technology, training programs and retraining of highly qualified personnel.
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